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Deck cargo is one of our "core business"

Huldra Tail


Huldra_Tail    Fake_huldra

The pressure in the oil reservoir had to be increased in order to maintain the oil production. A new compressor module was ordered and was towed out to the platform. Our task was to design sea-fastening and evaluate the structure of the compressor module for transport and lifting. We assisted the structure analysis during the design phase. The frame of the compressor module was produced in Poland and we cooperated with the Shipper regarding lashing of the frame. The Saipem’s crane barge S7000 lifted the compressor module up on top of the platform and we implemented all requested changes to the structure.



3D model of nacelle frame for Vestas nacelles






Superintendent during the building of J/B Sea Worker.



SEA WORKER is a modern jack-up barge built to operate in the offshore oil and gas sector as well as the wind sector. Equipped with a Favco PC300 HD Offshore crane, SEA WORKER is capable of installing monopiles, transition pieces and the latest generation of offshore wind turbines. SEA WORKER is especially suited for deep water sites due to her extremely long legs (73 m) enabling her to work on water depths up to 40 metres. A2SEA hired MPC to inspect the vessel during construction in Batam, Indonesia.



Transportation of foundation for substation to Robin Riggs Wind farm.




Bladt Industries A/S Aalborg, Denmark made the construction of foundation and platform for the substation to Robin Rigg Wind farm. The platform was constructed in Poland and then shipped to Aalborg for final equippment. The foundation and platform were then shipped to Belfast. The MPC’s task was to calculate the lashing forces and analyze the ships structure for both voyages. MPC assisted the lashing operation in the Port of Aalborg.



Transportation of foundation for Rhyls Flat Wind farm.




Smulders Groep Hoboken, Belgium Constructed the monopiles and transition pieces for Rhyls Flat wind farm. MPC designed the cradles for sea-fastening of the Monopiles and the Transition pieces. The task was to fit and secure the Transition pieces in the cargo hold and the Monopiles on deck, maintaining the IMO stability criteria. MPC assisted the lashing operation in the Port of Antwerp.



Extension of M/V Sea Power Jacking legs.




The jacking legs of M/V Sea Power were extended and MPC was asked to carry out that job. The vessel has four jacking legs operated by a wire pulley system. The legs enable the vessel to be partly jacked up keeping the hull in the water but forming a stable platform for crane operations. New legs and new pulley systems were designed in cooperation with the shipping company A2SEA. MPC carried out the survey at the workshop and shipyard and made some changes of design during the docking period.


Greater Ekofisk Development. Eldfisk 2/7S.



The Eldfisk oilfield has operated for almost 40 years and the field needed upgrading. The shipyard Kvaerner Stord got the contract on the construction and they hired Aker Solution for the design and analyzing the platform. MPC were subcontractor at Aker Solution where the task was to analyze the topside structure and support the design phase. When the design and analyze were completed the MPC were the engineering support for the commissioning group at some yards in the Gdansk area, Poland.


Aasta Hansteen Subsea Production System.

The Aasta Hansteen field is the common name of three independent reservoirs: Haklang, Luva and Snefrid Sør. Aasta Hansteen is a green field development in an area without existing infrastructure. It is located in the Northern Norwegian Sea on the Vøringsplatå approximately 300km west of Bodø, at approximately 1300m water depth. Aker Solution got the contract of Construction of the Subsea Production System. MPC were subcontractor regarding analyzing and designing the manifolds for the system.