Marine Project Consult Aps.
  Marine surveyors, Structural analysises, Load plans/Sea-fastening 


Fjordholmen 16
DK-5240 Odense
VAT. No. 31162289

temp0020_navi_misc Gert Munksgaard
Partner and Senior Consultant
+45 2925 3172

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Proven experience in The Offshore and The Maritime Business


We solve your challenges with heavy cargo, which does not fit into standard lashing fittings. We calculate the forces acting on the cargo and on the lashings. We find the stability, period of roll and pitch of the vessel, and we analyze the structure beneath the cargo and behind the lashing points.


Safe Ships

Don't let your cargo end up on the bottom of the ocean. Let MPC make the load plans.

Structural analysis

To support heavy cargo it is not always sufficient with weight-spreading arrangements. Often it will be necessary to weld the support of the cargo to the structure of the ship and even to reinforce the ship structure. We analyse the structure in accordance with the ships classification societies.


Lashing of Cargo

Numerous lashings are not always the best solution, when heavy cargo is transported.


Our drawings will be completed in Auto-CAD. The drawings can be made in 2D or 3D. We make design drawings as well as workshop drawings.


Structural analysis

We have several years of experience in using finite elements tools. Let MPC investigate the stresses in your ship.

FE-models and analysis

FE-models of the design are made using STAAD software. We analyze the construction for ultimate limit stress, fatigue and accident load. The STAAD software is able to do this on basis of various standards.